Year: 2019

Does Your Estate Plan Limit Minnesota Estate Taxes?

November 11, 2019 by Staff
Estate and Gift Taxes
If not, here are some ideas, courtesy of our friends at Sanford, Pierson, Thone and Strean, Attorneys at Law, for married Minnesota residents and nonresident Minnesota property owners to consider: Minnesota is an equal opportunity estate taxing authority: it taxes residents and nonresidents alike. If you live in Minnesota, or...
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Ransomware Continues to Wreak Havoc Across America

October 3, 2019 by Aaron Thomas
Technology Solutions
On October 2, 2019 SC Magazine reported that a ransomware attack forced DCH Health Systems to turn away patients.  In 2019 reports of ransomware attacks have more than doubled from the previous year.  According to Attackers are gaining access in 4 major ways: Phishing via email or social media...
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Are you ready for eCommerce?

October 2, 2019 by Aaron Thomas
Technology Solutions
Brought to you by Acumatica Going online means more than just putting up a website. It means providing secure payment options, managing inventory, and more… all while tying everything seamlessly into your financials. Use this readiness checklist to help you identify how your ERP should interact with your eCommerce site to...
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