Finding out you're being audited can derail your plans and cause significant stress.

We’re here to help relieve that stress and get those plans back on track. As your audit assistance partner, our goal is to make the process as clear and painless as possible.

“Audit” may seem like a bad word, but there are many reasons why you may have been selected. It could be a discrepancy on your return, the amount and type of income or deductions you reported, or simply your industry being targeted as an area of interest to the IRS. Regardless of the reason for your audit, you need a tax professional who understands your specific situation to help you through the process. From initial review and preparation to representation and appeals, we support and advise you on the right moves to get through your audit with minimal impact. Best of all, we’ll deal directly with the auditors while you focus on running your business and enjoying your life.

Contact us today for audit assistance that’s designed to take the stress out of an audit.