Brent Goedel

Brent-Erik Goedel: Senior IT Advising Manager

As Senior IT Advising Manager, Brent-Erik works directly with client owners and decision makers regarding their IT Infrastructure. He regularly reviews projects and provides support to the managers and advisers. A FortiNet Network Security Expert, Brent-Erik has a broadcasting degree from Brown Institute of Minnesota (now Brown College).

Professional and Community Activities

  • Miss Saint Francis Ambassador’s program
  • Volunteer for Saint Francis School systems for activity nights, Night to Unite, St. Paul Jr. Winter Carnival, and more royalty programs across the state of MN.


What’s your favorite number?

What would you be doing if you weren’t in accounting?
IT because I am not an accountant, but otherwise DJing because I do that as well.

What’s your current goal outside of Copeland Buhl?
I enjoy donating my time when my time is available.

Areas of Focus (Services)

  • Hardware and Server Consulting and Support
Brent Goedel
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