Helping healthcare providers in Minnesota report and pay their provider tax.

MinnesotaCare Provider Tax is paid by health care providers for providing patient services in Minnesota. The tax is based on gross revenue, not profits. Payments are due the 15th of April, July, October, and January each year with the annual tax return due March 15th for the previous year. There is a 60 day extension available, if needed.

The tax is based on gross receipts, but there is a list of exemptions that can help reduce the amount of tax owed by Providers. Medicare is the largest exemption, but the list is long and each situation is unique. Minnesota Department of Revenue’s information on MinnesotaCare Tax can help get you started

If you are new to MNCare tax or want a second set of eyes to review your calculations contact our team today. MN does regular audits of this tax and penalties/interest for taxes owed in previous years can be substantial.