Taxes are pretty easy for some people.

If all your income comes from a single W-2 and you have few or no investments, you might be able to download your forms from the IRS website and get your taxes all squared away in a couple hours. But what if you have a high net worth or complex tax issues? A few hours can suddenly become weeks of frustration culminating in one small mistake that ends up causing years of hassle. Your individual assets are important, and you need us on your side to make sure your taxes are shipshape year after year.

There are many reasons why an individual may need to turn to a tax professional rather than taking the old DIY approach. At Copeland Buhl, we specialize in individual tax preparation for complex issues and high-net worth individuals. From early filings to well-thought-out tax plans, we have the people and resources to get to know your specific needs and make sure you’re not in panic mode come Tax Day.

Contact us today for individual tax preparation that feels like a true investment in yourself.