Year: 2018

IRS Scam Emails and Phone Calls

July 9, 2018 by Aaron Thomas
Copeland Buhl, Tax Services
We have been contacted by several clients recently who received scam emails or phone calls “from the IRS”. Scammers will impersonate the IRS by sending emails which look like they are from the IRS or display caller ID which indicates a call from the IRS. If you receive communication from...
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Accounting for Leases

June 12, 2018 by Sue Thompson
Audit & Accounting, Copeland Buhl
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-02 Leases early in 2016.  The primary purpose of the new standard is to present on a balance sheet leases that otherwise would have been treated only as an expense in an income statement.  The standard impacts those who...
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What CPAs need to know about SOC

June 12, 2018 by Aaron Thomas
Copeland Buhl, Information Systems
System and Organization Controls (SOC) reporting has been around for many years, but there remains some confusion about when and how to use it. Financial auditors use SOC reports to evaluate the adequacy of internal controls around financial systems. Businesses who use the services of other businesses will review SOC...
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