Are you looking for an efficient and reliable partner to handle your company’s accounting? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Is your business growing, but you find accounting is a drain on your time and energy? We are here to help! We have dedicated professionals that handle your accounting function from A to Z. We strive to make accounting as painless as possible and to give you reporting that is timely, relevant, and easy for you to understand.

How would you like to only pay for the accounting that you need? Many growing businesses are under or over staffed in their accounting departments, leading to delays in keeping up on routine tasks or wasted money on idle employees. Outsourcing lets you pay only for the accounting you need, as an added bonus our expert accountants use web based software to provide a complete accounting department without taking up your office space or spending time on constant updates of old software.

Copeland Buhl’s outsourced accounting service includes all of the basics of accounting such as bill pay, payroll and reporting, and our expert team brings an industry focus to your business. Our goal is be a proactive advisor, in your corner for all of the hard decisions you need to make as a business owner. This includes helping with budgeting, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, and financial strategy at a CFO level.

Industries we specialize in:

  • Medical
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurant & Retail
  • Not-For-Profit

Contact us today to build a plan designed to fit your organization’s needs.