Your employee benefit plan (EBP) is vital to the happiness of your team and the success of your business.

It’s also a highly monitored and regulated aspect that needs to be routinely audited by an independent qualified public accountant. If your EBP has more than 100 participants, an audit of your plan may be required. Whether you’re a small company with a modest plan or a large corporation with billions in plan assets, we have the experience and expertise to perform an EBP audit that will ensure your company’s plan is compliant with current IRS and Department of Labor regulations.

We’ve performed hundreds of EBP audits, and one consistent thing we’ve recognized is that no two employee benefit plans are the same. Our audits are tailored for your unique needs based on the type of plan you have, the size of your company and many other factors. Our EBP experts are thoroughly familiar with a wide range of plans including defined contribution plans, defined benefits plans, ESOPs and more. No matter what plan type you have, you can expect a high-quality audit that reflects current rules and regulations. Most importantly, your audit will help ensure your plan is compliant and working in the best interest of your employees and your business.

Contact us today for an employee benefit plan audit that will help keep you compliant.