You need more than a tax expert. You need a business expert.

We’re experts at both, giving you the personalized advice that will help you make better business decisions. As your long-term business partner, we can handle all your tax needs down to the smallest detail so you get optimal results.

Whether you’re a closely held business, a local restaurant chain, a regional construction company or a manufacturing giant, we know your industry and know how plan and optimize your tax strategy. When you partner with Copeland Buhl, we match you with the experts best suited to your unique needs, and those experts get to know your business on a personal level. We don’t expect you to know the complicated tax codes that apply to your business. That’s our job, but we’ll help you understand the important details along the way. From tax preparation and returns to long-term tax planning, we’re here to deliver the solutions you need to move your business ahead.

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