Signs your distribution company has outgrown QuickBooks – and what to do about it

September 13, 2019 by Aaron Thomas
Technology Solutions

QuickBooks is well known as one of the most useful entry-level accounting systems for distribution companies. Among other primary strengths, it can manage the quote-to-cash process rather effectively and is also quite capable when dealing with inventory management.

However, when it comes to planning for future inventory demand and managing incoming leads and opportunities, QuickBooks falls short in several key areas. It also has scalability issues when asked to deal with more than 10 users, multiple companies, or a high volume of transactions generated by EDI or eCommerce.

If any of these issues sound all too familiar to you, there’s a good chance your distribution company has outgrown QuickBooks – and it’s time to switch up your strategy. Here’s how.

The big transition

For over 30 years, Copeland Buhl has migrated businesses from entry-level accounting solutions like QuickBooks to their first midmarket ERP solution. This transition can be somewhat intimidating in the initial stages, as most small to mid-sized businesses are ill-equipped to make this leap from both a time and knowledge standpoint.

These businesses are generally leanly staffed with little excess capacity to take on a project of this caliber. The process is also hampered by the fact that QuickBooks has been overextended and many bad processes have been implemented in order to accommodate the inflexibility of the software. Its outdated nature turns what used to be an effective resource into an efficiency problem across the organization.

The solution is an ERP system.

Making the ERP leap with Copeland Buhl

Copeland Buhl offers the expertise and white glove treatment to assist clients in the transition to their first ERP system. Through the complimentary sales process, we assist clients in defining their system requirements in the creation of a document that becomes the basis in the design of the ERP system.

Once the system is designed, a 60-90-day deployment plan is developed, so you can start realizing the value of your new system from day one. The bulk of the deployment and transition responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of the experts at Copeland Buhl, ensuring an effective process and scalable implementation. In addition to our unique subscription model in which software, initial deployment, go-live support, ongoing support, training, and upgrades are included, our billing process and cost take all surprises out of the equation.    

If you are in search of the ultimate partner to grow your business to the next level and beyond, consider Copeland Buhl. We provide our clients with a full suite of integrated enterprise management applications to help your business grow. We know you have high expectations – and so do we.