Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports

September 17, 2013 by Aaron Thomas
Copeland Buhl

Service Organization Control (SOC) audits provide reports on internal control processes and procedures. They are used to verify that service organizations can safeguard information that will be exchanged during normal business transactions.  Small-to-medium-sized businesses that work with large enterprise or government units are increasingly being asked to provide SOC reports before a contract can be signed or an application processed.

There are many benefits to SOC reports. Most significantly, SOC reports can provide customers and prospects assurance that controls over areas such as IT security, data availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, financial reporting, and privacy are properly in place.

In addition to our Tax and Accounting services, Copeland Buhl & Company PLLP is also certified to perform Service Organization Control (SOC) audits. We have recently developed a new page on our web site that provides more detail about the SOC audits that we perform and how they can benefit your organization.

Click here to visit our new web page on SOC audits and reports.