Making your Bookkeeping Process Effortless

May 10, 2017 by Jason Kindseth
Copeland Buhl

With years of experience using multiple platforms, the professionals here at Copeland Buhl offer a full range of bookkeeping services. Our goal is to help our clients develop the processes to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and ultimately save money and effort on bookkeeping.  What’s more, by helping our clients keep high quality books throughout the year we strive to give them the information to make better informed decisions about their business at any point in the year.   Besides handling small business accounting after-the-fact, you might enlist a Copeland Buhl bookkeeper to help you: 

  • Assess day-to-day functions and make suggestions to improve speed or accuracy
  • Give customized training to help reduce many commonly made errors and optimize the use of your accounting software
  • Help develop a training program to develop new staff as the business’s needs grow
  • Create custom work documents to streamline accounting processes (Memorized Payroll Entry, Reversing entries for month-end accruals, etc.)
  • Serve as an occasional resource to help untangle complex A/R or A/P transactions
  • Create customized written process instructions for staff reference
  • Assist with Sales & Use Tax Returns


The size and structure of some small and medium size businesses can make it challenging or even impossible to build a structure of internal controls that can adequately distribute the work load and protect the business from errors, mistakes or even fraud.  In these situations, a bookkeeper can be the perfect resource to help ensure that the internal controls are adequate and upheld. A Copeland Buhl bookkeeper might: 

  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts on a regular basis
  • Perform spot checks of employee accuracy
  • Help configure your accounting software to grant staff only the access that is required


If you have questions about the bookkeeping services we offer please contact me directly at (952) 476-7185 or


Jason Kindseth

Accounting and Assurance Manager, Accounting Systems Lead