Bolster your Business Bookkeeping

March 15, 2013 by Katie Monger
Copeland Buhl

Entrepreneurs often see accounting for a small business as a necessary evil, even going so far as to equate it with going to the dentist; you might not enjoy it, but if you don’t tend to it periodically you can get into serious trouble.  Just like brushing and flossing each day can prevent oral decay, spending a few minutes daily to get your books in order can eliminate major headaches at the end of the year, or those times when you suddenly need up-to-date accounting data at your fingertips.

Having accurate records can make the difference in receiving a loan for an investment, determining how much tax you owe to the government, or calculating how much money you are making from all the hard work you are putting into your company.

Bookkeeping needs vary dramatically from company to company, but the core functions of accounting are the same for virtually every business.  Staying on top of daily transactions and reconciling accounts is something that must be done on an on-going basis.  Often, this task is not overwhelming if taken in small steps.  There are many different types of computer programs that a small business owner can use to assist in his or her accounting needs.  Our firm can listen to your needs and can help you evaluate which software package is right for your business.  However, simply purchasing an accounting program does not guarantee you will have accurate records.

Proper selection and training of a bookkeeper can help a small business operate smoothly, get paid on time, take advantage of discounts, provide important operating metrics, and keep cash flowing.  To find the right person for the job can be a daunting task.  Typically, business owners excel in a specific trade or service that they know well, but those skills often don’t translate into knowing what skills a competent bookkeeper should have.  In addition, owners of businesses shouldn’t be tied down to bookkeeping on top of the many other tasks they perform regularly.  Hiring a professional bookkeeper can save money in the long run, and help the small business owner focus on his or her strengths.

Our firm can work with you to provide bookkeeping services on a variety of levels.  We can fill in for a short-term absence or enter into an ongoing relationship until you need an internal accounting staff.  If you already need an in-house bookkeeper, we can help design the position and specify job duties, and assist you all the way through the employment search. 

As your professional accounting firm, we understand that not everyone is as excited as we are about accounting, so let us assist you in making what can be an uncomfortable aspect of your business run more smoothly.  Contact us to learn more about our bookkeeping services, and how we can help you focus on the business of business.

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