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January 26, 2022 by Jason Kindseth
Outsourced Accounting and Advisory Services

Your first question might be, what is is an Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solution for businesses and family office environments that connects with any bank and almost all major accounting systems seamlessly. The platform is built to scale with your business. Your business might outgrow QuickBooks, but it never has to outgrow

  1. Approval workflows – allows (and encourages) owners/managers to approve bills before payment, just like signing a check. However, this is done online or on a cell phone app with a few taps. Approvers can see the actual bill being paid and decline bills they don’t recognize. Approval workflows can also be customized to have multiple levels of review or certain approvers for large transactions vs. small. Approval workflows in will bring clarity and time savings to any small to medium sized business.
  2. Document retention – Gone are the days of paper bills. Have your vendors email bills directly to and they will be paid and stored in the cloud, available anywhere with internet access 24 hours a day. Payments made by are also stored under the vendor with the bill. Cleared checks and ACH confirmations are available without giving access to the company’s full bank account. also has general storage that can be used for vendor contracts, W9s, and ACH information.
  3. ACH payments – It’s time to stop mailing paper checks. The mail is getting slower every day and ACH payments cost $0.49 (stamps are $0.58, envelopes and check stock even more). is built to automate and encourage ACH payment of your bills, saving you money and time spent chasing paper around.
  4. Mailing check security – If you have to mail paper checks, will do this for you. The cost is higher than ACH, but puts their account information on the checks, not yours. This means if a check is intercepted it is’s issue to resolve, not yours. also stores images of cleared checks so you have easy access to records if vendors dispute payments.
  5. Sync to accounting systems – syncs to nearly all major accounting systems. From QuickBooks Desktop and Online to Sage Intacct, NetSuite, and Dynamics. The sync is a 2-way street, vendors, accounts, and customers come into and bills, payments, and transaction coding go to your accounting system. is focused on making sure there is no duplication of data entry.
  6. AI assistance – has built in AI to read incoming bills and set up due dates, amounts, and approval workflows. is even smart enough to know when a bill has been sent a second time and flag it as a duplicate. Even the best AP clerks make keying errors, but with the AI assistance of you should see minimal data entry mistakes.
  7. Foreign payments – has very competitive rates on foreign wire transfers ($25/each) and can pay bills in foreign currencies without additional setup. If your business needs to make payments to other countries and has outgrown PayPal, consider
  8. Accounts receivable – My list so far has been focused on the A/P side of, but the invoicing and payments receipt side of is also robust. Invoices are emailed to customers, can be made to recur at various intervals, include links for the customers to pay online, and can even be made to pay themselves automatically (customer signed authorization required). Invoices sync to accounting systems just like Bills and using is a great way to step up your company’s invoice/receivable process.
  9. User flexibility – Users can be added with many customizable levels of access and visibility. The areas you want to see as the owner might not be what you want your AP clerk to see, the customization in is much greater than what is offered in QuickBooks products. If keeping information confidential is important to your growing business, consider

Our Outsourced Accounting team is experienced with and can take a leading role in streamlining your AP or AR processes. If anything above sounded like a solution to pain point you are experiencing, message or call me to start a conversation about your business and a demo of

A link to is below, but Copeland Buhl can pass along special rates as a partner. Please reach out to our team before signing up directly with