Value of Collaboration

January 11, 2022 by Jason Kindseth
Outsourced Accounting and Advisory Services

Collaboration is a key component of business success. From mentors and industry peers to subject matter experts in law, HR, tax, and accounting the best run businesses know they can’t do it all and strategically seek experts to help move their business forward. Copeland Buhl’s Outsourced Accounting and Advisory team can help you with everything from paying bills and running payroll to budgeting, multi-entity reporting, and forecasting for growth.

Seeing the bigger picture

As a business owner do you find yourself wondering how other businesses are solving the problems you are facing? Our team of professionals work with several businesses of your size and in your industry. We don’t share confidential information, but we’ve likely seen your problems and pain points (or very similar) and worked through them before. In recent history we’ve come across entirely new problems (Covid) and helped our clients make the most out of the situation by proactively reaching out about PPP, payroll tax credits, EIDL, and state and local grant programs. These programs pop up quickly and can be overwhelming, our team works fast to understand these programs and works through the process many times with many clients. Let us cut through the complexity so you can be ready to act when business opportunities arise.

Growing, but under control

A growing business needs to revise processes over time to adapt with their growth. The payroll process of a company with 5 employees doesn’t work for a company with 500. Our Outsourced Accounting team has experience at going through the transitions of a growing company, working through the pain points to upgrade processes and software to keep your business running as smooth as possible during periods of high growth.

If your business is growing, you might start feeling a lack of control or understanding of what is happening or where your business stands financially. That is where the Outsourced Accounting team at Copeland Buhl can come in to help understand, interpret, and advise your Medical or Service business to make sure you know where your business stands each month. Our monthly management meetings are tailored to the information that is important to you and include Controller level CPAs with many years of experience in your industry.

Adapting to change

Today’s world feels like it is changing faster than ever, and business is no exception. Income tax rules change every year (at least), sales tax changes every month, new COVID relief programs have come and gone for close to 2 years, and the software our businesses use every day will update and change with little to no warning. As a business owner you could spend hundreds of hours a year keeping track of all of the changes, or you could look for a better solution. CPAs are required to get a minimum of 40 hours of professional education and many of our team get more to stay on top of the latest trends in business.

Diagnosing and solving problems

Each industry has norms and best practices, but we realize every business is unique. If you are having pain points around accounting, cash flow, financial reporting, budgeting, or most any financial related area the path to a solution starts with a collaborative conversation with a peer, mentor, or advisor. Copeland Buhl wants to be an advisor in your corner, helping you unlock your business’s full potential. Contact me or another member of the Copeland team, we want to hear about how we can help you.