Recruiting Tips for Long-term Success

September 1, 2017 by Ali Carbo
Copeland Buhl

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. Attracting and securing the right people is challenging and essential for success. Good employees stabilize business. Great employees take it to the next level. At strong companies, recruiting teams are always grinding. They’re either planning, executing, evaluating, or brainstorming new ideas. If your business strategy includes growth then a strong recruiting strategy is vital. Below are some tips when considering your recruiting strategy.

Understand your company culture and strategic vision. 

You can’t maximize success without a clear understanding of your company’s culture and strategic vision. Be authentic when marketing your culture to top talent. Smart candidates recognize authenticity and respond favorably. Be transparent in who you are and the company’s vision during all phases of the recruitment. If your company has weaknesses, present them as challenges that have been identified and warrant attention to correct, preferably with the candidate’s help. It’s self-defeating to sell something you’re not. A clear strategic vision deeply understood by all employees sets the proper direction for your company and builds momentum over time with future candidates.

Understand what traits you want in your future employees. 

In my experience, behavioral traits are more important than technical aptitude. Certainly, a minimum degree of technical aptitude is needed for any particular role. Determine what that threshold is and then focus on attracting people willing to continually grow and improve themselves every day. Technical skills aren’t innate, they’re learned and acquired through focus and discipline. When you hire a person you hire their habits, curiosity and attitude. These traits heavily influence long-term success. I’m a big believer that attitude can carry people a long way. Attitude creates perspective and shapes reality for a person so much that on a daily basis it impacts their growth, development, learning ability, enthusiasm and can be infectious to the morale of other employees.

Focus on your team. 

The recruiting team is an extension of the philosophy and company culture that candidates will experience. The team tasked with recruiting and onboarding will significantly impact your company’s long-term future as they’ll either multiply the company’s ability to grow or diminish the business over time. Build the right team. Nourish it. Tweak it. Involve people with different perspectives. Getting the right people for any goal is one of the greatest challenges of any endeavor. The right people will heavily influence a successful outcome.


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