Protecting Your Data

April 18, 2012 by Staff
Information Systems

Being an accounting firm we maintain a lot of confidential information.  We take securing this data very seriously.  Copeland Buhl employs current firewall and unified threat management solutions.  Reports from these devices are regularly monitored, and suspicious activity dealt with.  Regularly systems are scanned for vulnerabilities or potential misconfiguration.

To protect client data, and our systems, all emails are scanned; spam, virus, and malware is removed before touching our servers.  We also use content web filtering to prevent staff from accidentally introducing virus’ into our environment.  Virus’ are portals for would-be thieves into an environment.   Antivirus software is also utilized should any potentially harmful code make it through our other layers of security.

As a general rule client data remains in our data-center, and is only accessible through secure means.  If data is transported outside our building it is encrypted on USB drives or laptops.  When files are transferred between clients and Copeland Buhl files are to be password protected or sent using our approved secure file transfer solution.

To ensure our policies and procedures are adequate we regularly enlist outside informaiton security consultants to review our systems.

Proactively protecting your data is a high priority to Copeland Buhl.  Our IT staff are regularly trained on information security, and available to assist you in protecting your data.

To learn more about our data protection IT services, reach out to our team of technology consultants at Beyond IT Advisors.

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