Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks

July 7, 2015 by Sheila Lee
Copeland Buhl

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete solution for managing financial, manufacturing, sales order processing, inventory tracking, customer relationships, banking transactions, payroll and human resources.  For those of you who are currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP, here are a few tips and tricks that you may find helpful.

User Preferences – Microsoft Dynamics GP >> User Preferences.

  • This is where you can set your default report destination to either Printer, Screen or both.
  • You can use to determine if your Entry Key acts as TAB or RETURN
  • You can set your default sales doc type – GP defaults to Quote but if you usually use a different sales document type, you can change the default so you don’t have to change it each time you open the Sales Transaction Entry window
  • You can change your display options – If you would like to show required fields in bold or change the color to Red, this is where you make the change.
  • You can change Autocomplete options.
    • Auto Complete finishes your entries for you. It’s great until you misspell something and are stuck with it forever. To get rid of it, start typing until the error shows up in Auto Complete, Right click and hit Remove from List
    • AutoComplete default setting of 10,000 entries is per user, per field.  This can have a negative impact on performance over time.  You can reduce the maximum and set unused entries to clear after 60 days.
    • You also can turn this feature off by unchecking Show AutoComplete Suggestions

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • On any GP menu, press Altkey – This will underline the letter you need to select to get to that menu.  For example – on the Purchasing Menu, press ALT key will underline “a” to get you to Transactions Menu.  Select ALT a.  As long as there are underlined letters, you can continue to select the letter to get to the screen you want.  When you are on the correct option, simply press enter to open the screen
    • Two different commands in a menu can share a common keyboard shortcut.  You can switch between commands by continuing to press the underlined letter until you get to the correct menu option you want.
    • CTRL-L = Opens Lookup window in any inquiry screen

Add External Shortcut – you can add a shortcut from another program to your home page

  • From Home page, click anywhere in the Shortcuts section from top left side of menu.  Right click and Select Add >> Add External Shortcut
  • A window will open in which you can give the shortcut a name, select the file to open, and assign a keyboard shortcut (if you desire)
    • If you assign a keyboard shortcut, you can open the page from any menu within GP by pressing the keyboard shortcut key.

Entering Date shortcut – There are a few ways to enter a date within GP without having to type the entire date.

  • Enter a + will advance the date one day
  • Enter a – will go back one day
  • Enter the day (12) in the field will default the month and year to the current month/year
  • Enter the month and day (04/12) will default the year.

Change Management Reporter to not print day of week in @DateLong formats – Need to change the region settings on server for long date.

  • Go to Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options. 
  • Under Long Date change from dddd,MMMM dd,yyyy to MMMM dd, yyyy


Please feel free to contact a Beyond IT Advisors consultant with any questions or help on utilizing these shortcuts.

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