HITRUST for Venture Capital

Your portfolio of companies has information security risk.  Each company is under attack by malware, hackers, ransomware.  How confident are you in their information security practices?  If you are invested in small businesses or startups you are at an elevated risk.  Two thirds of these businesses, if breached will close their doors. The average cost of a security breach is $2-3M. 

HITRUST by Copeland Buhl can help.  HITRUST, a premier security framework, can standardize security practices at your portfolio firms, and certify compliance.  Along with Copeland Buhl’s guidance and assessor capabilities you can significantly reduce security risk in your portfolio. 

HITRUST and Copeland Buhl have developed a specially priced package for venture capital portfolio companies.  Upon your completion, and approval, of a short 1-page application, your portfolio companies gain access to this special pricing model.  The only other ask is that you notify your portfolio companies of this opportunity.  It is a very easy process for you. 

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