Prospective HITRUST Client:

As you know, HITRUST certification opens the door to new opportunities for your company. Those who are new to this certification look to us for help to guide them through the process. Those who are already certified and need to recertify count on us to successfully lead them through that experience. Whether you are exploring HITRUST for the first time or looking for recertification, the Copeland Buhl team has the expertise and resources to provide you with a successful certification process. Our team of advisors understands the demands placed on you by customers for HITRUST certification and we have developed our certification model to provide you with a fast, cost effective plan to attain your certification. The Copeland Buhl team consists of both auditors and seasoned security and IT professionals who recognize that each of our clients are unique. Our approach to guiding clients through the certification process accommodates for that uniqueness. While the certification process can appear to be laborious, our flexible approach accommodates for clients of all sizes - from a large enterprise to a startup. Whether your have an established security infrastructure and just need expert guidance or are building from the ground up, we have the resources to help you. The best next step is for us to have an exploratory conversation. Complete the Contact Us form below to discuss your needs with a member of our team.

AARON THOMAS, Partner – CCSFP, CHQP Copeland Buhl

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