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Many businesses utilizing legacy ERP platforms are in search of an upgrade, but with so many options it can be difficult to know which to choose. Some rely on partner referrals or competitor analyses to guide the decision, while others prefer to go with the big name.

If you’ve been researching a shift from your legacy ERP system, you may have come across Acumatica. Despite not boasting the brand recognition of larger options like Microsoft or Oracle, Acumatica has still become the fastest-growing ERP vendor in the past 10 years and has become one of this crowded field’s most reliable partners. Here’s why.

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5 key advantages of Acumatica
Mobile capability

Your business needs complete mobile accessibility. Legacy ERP systems – though they may claim to have upgraded to allow for mobile functionality – still require additional tools to truly take advantage of the cloud (if they can make use of the cloud at all). Acumatica is a web-based solution, designed to seamlessly blend your mobile devices to your desktop and to integrate your business’s operations no matter where you are.

No per user fees

Most ERP providers charge you an additional fee for every user you add to the platform. Not Acumatica. It allows you to authorize unlimited users at no added expense and only charges you based on your unique usage – so you never pay for more than you’re getting.

Task automation

Legacy ERP platforms often leave businesses feeling like they’re doing more than the ERP is worth. This entirely defeats the purpose. In addition to seamlessly integrating with your existing systems to manage financial, distribution, and more, Acumatica also allows you to automate back office functions in IT, services, and HR to put more time in your hands to focus on the work most important to you.

Widely known programming

Since many legacy ERPs are outdated, they are built on outdated programming languages now only understood by those who have specialized in the field for many years. This makes system changes and updates slow and costly. Acumatica is built using today’s most widely known programming languages, making it much easier and more cost-effective to work with.

The growing business's ERP system

There’s a reason Acumatica is the fastest-growing ERP for businesses looking to replace their sluggish legacy system with a more modern and easy-to-use interface. Copeland Buhl provides Acumatica to our clients in Minneapolis-St. Paul and beyond on a subscription basis, along with hands-on support from our team to make the most of this innovative platform.

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