Accountant Careers in Minneapolis, MN
Our employees love the challenging but flexible environment at Copeland Buhl & Company PLLP. If you are curious, driven, motivated and eager to learn, this is the place for you.

We work hard to keep our employees happy. Our compensation and benefits package is second to none and the opportunities for career advancement are virtually limitless. The office atmosphere is inviting and cutting-edge with paper-free, electronic access to all files. An industry leader in engagement management and technology, we offer all the tools necessary for an efficient, productive work environment. Once staff members are established in their jobs, Copeland Buhl offers flexible schedules and the opportunity to work offsite.

Career development

When you begin your career with Copeland Buhl, you are not required to specialize immediately in any one area. It is only after a reasonable amount of time that staff members are encouraged to identify their strengths and focus. Whether your interest is tax, accounting, audits or information technology, we provide opportunities for you to showcase your talents as you grow along with our company.


Our goal is to get to know prospective candidates and for candidates to get to know us. Accounting internships are available each year beginning in early January and ending around April 15. Interns gain a variety of experiences in auditing, general accounting, and corporate and individual tax. Interns also gain valuable business experience through working with clients and experienced accounting professionals.

To learn more about Copeland Buhl, look for us on campus. We currently recruit at St. Cloud State University, the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Contact your college career services center or, if your campus is not listed, send us your cover letter and resume.

Experienced professionals

The firm is adding talented individuals to our professional staff in order to continue to grow our already-great work environment and to service our client growth. We offer an attractive compensation package, flexible hours and work load, responsibility and the opportunity for educational and professional advancement.

If you enjoy public accounting and are a successful CPA, but have a difficult time balancing your career and personal life, we may be the firm for you. Our firm is focused on creating individual career paths that allow for work/life balance. We are seeking candidates with 2 - 6 years of experience in the any of the following areas:

  • Accounting for closely-held businesses
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Audits of privately-held businesses
  • Technical research and interpretation of accounting standards

Your personal and professional traits will be as critical to our evaluation as your technical ability. If you are a CPA that loves what you do, but doesn't have the right fit or opportunity in your current firm, please forward us your resume.

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