Copeland Helps Carlson-LaVine Deploy Acumatica Construction

Competing against the biggest names in construction nationally, Carlson-LaVine Inc. carved out a successful strategy leveraging technology and a nimble, lean staff to deliver work of the highest quality in several key segments. But Matt Shamp, executive director, knew that to remain competitive and grow, the construction firm needed to replace its legacy Sage system. Copeland Buhl helped Carlson-LaVine deploy Acumatica Construction Edition gaining a powerful, easy-to-use cloud platform that streamlined operations, helped the business grow, and helped employees thrive.

Carlson-LaVine Inc. 

  • Acquired an integrated, cloud-based solution, automating processes
  • Equipped employees with a modern tool, increasing productivity and gaining an edge in recruiting new staff
  • Gained an easy-to-use solution, reducing time to train new employees and speeding adoption by veteran employees
  • Cut payroll processing time nearly 100 percent, from 1.5 days to just 10 minutes
  • Eliminated extra processing steps, streamlining operations, and saving time
  • Provided a connected platform for continued growth, allowing it to better compete with larger construction firms
  • Gained a strong IT provider that understood its business and became a partner helping them grow

“With Acumatica, I’m giving employees an ultra-efficient tool they need to do their jobs correctly and allowing them to do things easier. I’m handing them a smartphone versus a rotary phone. They are more well-equipped to do their jobs, which produces good outcomes for customers and helps us build the business.”  – Matt Shamp, Executive Director