5 Reasons to Love QuickBooks Online

January 5, 2022 by Jason Kindseth
Outsourced Accounting and Advisory Services

There are many reasons to embrace QuickBooks Online and other cloud-based accounting software, I wanted to start the year out by listing some of our Outsourced Accounting team’s favorites.

  1. Bank and Credit Card Linking eliminates data entry and allows your numbers to be up to date whenever you need. Waiting weeks or even months for financials is a thing of the past, you decide how often your financials should be updated and QB Online makes it easier than ever.
  2. Collaboration is simple, the system allows 2 “Accountant Users” that don’t count against your user total. We can see your books with no clunky backups or remoting into other computers.
  3. Reporting in QuickBooks Online continues to improve. There are close to 100 standard reports and infinite ways to customize reports and save them for future use.
  4. Payment processing is built in. QuickBooks Online has seamless email invoicing and payment processing system that eliminates postage, saves time, and drastically speeds up payment receipt vs. traditional invoicing processes. It is also Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, lowering your risk of chargebacks.
  5. Accessibility is standard. All versions of QuickBooks Online allow you to log in from anywhere with an internet connection. The mobile app allows sending invoices from your cell phone and receiving payments as needed. Downtime is close to 0, QB Online runs on Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud service provider.

Honorable mention – QuickBooks Online links with many other specialized applications. From payroll services (Gusto, ADP, Paychex, etc.) to for payments or Clio for Legal time & billing there is an ever-expanding list of apps that share data with QuickBooks Online to make your business run smoothly.